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  • OleHickock

    Is it worth getting the V, or is the discounted IV a better bet?

    • Reece:If you do more video work than photo, get the V. The biggest complaint (auto focus) appears to have been improved quite substantially.
  • Diablo33

    Is there any difference between the AU/US version and the international version?

    • Drone:The power adapter will be different. Besides that, as far as I can tell, the camera is identical. However, the warranty on the camera may be different (and may not exist at all) if you're buying a camera from another region. Reason being that the camera was likely imported outside of the official channels supported by Sony.
    • Diablo33:Awesome, thanks!
  • Drone

    Nice review of features here:

  • Drone

    It is believed that many stores will start shipping at some stage in November 2016. Make sure you check with the retailer if they actually have stock or not. Also, some retailers appear to be selling the international (Japanese) version. This version may not have Sony warranty attached to it.

  • Drone


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