Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! We've compiled some questions that you may be wondering about. We've done out best to cover most things but we may have missed something. You can always contact us if something is missing or your query is unrelated to anything below.

About the Website

We are a price checking website forward slash soocial media platform. We are based in Melbourne, Australia.
Because rather than pay too much for something, you want to know that you're going to get the best deal.


We rely on the community to provide them. If you know of a price that's not on an item listing, we encourage you to add it. You'll earn sweet, sweet nectar if you do.
We offer a 'price reliability' meter that shows the determined reliability of a price. Generally, anything over 50% is probably pretty reliable. We have kept the measurements quite conservative while we work on our checker.
Very often. It depends on how reliable a price or price source is. If we know that a price is very reliable, we don't need to check it as often. Generally, at least a couple of times a day.
Yes, simply click on the 'info' button when you're checking out a price on an item page.
If a price is deemed very reliable, nearly instantly. Otherwise, within a couple of hours or when our system determines a prices validity.
Yes, simply stop following an item or price and you'll no longer receive such emails.
Give it a thumbs down, our price checker will probably remove it pretty soon anyway.